How to make your web presence design portray what you want

Original Design

After adding quite a bit of information to my blog, the original theme just didn’t work anymore. It wasn’t really portraying the image that I wanted convey. So I basically changed everything except the blog name and existing text within the blog posts themselves.

I still wanted to use a black and white theme, but I needed to introduce some more elements to it (as well as a bit of colour that wasn’t just orange). This makes the blog look more attractive which in turn, will attract people to it. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

Interactivity is a large factor in what I wanted to achieve. By adding pop up elements in the header bar (RSS, Twitter and Facebook icons), I feel that this had been achieved. The rollover elements below my profile image also make it feel a bit more ‘with it’ considering my blog is meant to be about technology, the look should reflect this.

I also changed my theme as the new theme allows a mobile version made specifically for iPads (yayyy!). It’s quite slick with a ‘Swipe Me’ line on the right hand side. Once you’ve done this you will see all posts in a jumbled up fashion on the one page. Once you click on one, you’re taken to the full blog post. Of course, you have the option of viewing the Standard Site (located at the bottom of the page).

The original design was definitely a very static page. I now feel that it is The new awesome-ness...

definitely more dynamic with the colours, form and interactivity that I’ve added. It’s a bit more Web 2.0 than Web 1.0.


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