What can I say? … I LOVE the web… a large part of my life (professional and personal) revolves around some form of access to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and friends; but the web holds a vast world of information on EVERYTHING that I would ever want to know. It’s very compelling…

When my iPad first arrived in the post (at work mind you – I wanted it asap!), I was soooo excited! My initial thoughts were “Now that I have an iPad, a completely new aspect has opened up to me regarding access. Not only can I find the information I desire 24/7, there will possibly also be an app for it!”. This is still VERY true, but as the starry lights of the iPad have started to dissipate, I’ve found that not only does the iPad (and other tablet devices that I won’t name – as that is blasphemous to me) impact on me as a person, it impacts on other people around me during conversation. This obviously got me thinking, “If this is happening to me, surely it would be happening to other people?”.

I would love to share what I find (and why I think it’s interesting and/or useful), with YOU, the avid reader .


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