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CarTunes Music Player

CarTunes is the freshest iOS music player, designed entirely for touch. Control your music with swipes, taps, and pinches. CarTunes is ideal for listening to music anytime! At the gym, on the road, or lying in bed.

Google Play
Car Tunes is a media player that combines advanced voice search and swipe gesture controls. When combined with a unique circular control wheel, you get full control of your music playback and access to your entire library without having to look at the screen. The underlying goal is to make driving safer by helping you keep your eyes stay on the road. With features like full screen album art, Car Tunes is also great at home, at the office, or anyhere else! Say goodbye to digging through a library of thousands of titles when you can just say what you want to hear!

Remember, Car Tunes also integrates with Google’s Car Home for easy access from your car dock.

Cost: $5.49


I LOVE this app! I use a radio frequency adapter to play my iPhone through my car stereo (but you can also use the app for bluetooth systems). My iPhone will sit in it’s cradle and with one swipe of my finger I can skip songs! Combine that with Siri, I can change albums, playlists, etc and then scroll through the individual songs without have to touch the iPhone more than once.




Perth Arena Mobile App

The mobile app for Western Australia’s new home of live entertainment – Perth Arena.

Presented by iiNet, you’ll never be left searching for your seat with its ‘find your seat’ functionality and you can even find out how many cars are in the car park at any one time. Are you worried about lots of traffic at the conclusion of
a gig? No problem, you’ll know about it and can have a leisurely coffee while you wait for the car park to clear. Not driving? Not a problem as you can plug into public transport and sort your ride out online.

Of course, you’ll be able to access the event calendar and check-in for all the latest event announcements and ticket on sale dates, you can even buy your tickets and claim special offers!

Perth Arena’s Mobile App links back into your favourite social media to enhance the live entertainment experience.

Cost: Free


I used this a few weeks ago and it was great! Waiting in line for the underground parking and wondering if you’ll even GET a spot? Well keep this app open on your phone whilst waiting and it will update regularly and let you know how many parking spots are left!


Snap Send Solve

Snap Send Solve is the easiest and most convenient way to get things fixed anywhere in Australia.

Snap Send Solve lets you quickly and easily report on various issues such as:
– Damaged roads
– Graffiti
– Litter
– Broken playground equipment
– Parking
– Street Cleaning
– Animals
– Noise

Your reports are sent directly to the right place and there are no accounts to sign up for.

Cost: Free


Of course, this app will NOT make the local council fix the problem any quicker, but it’s great to know that you can play a part in keeping our local areas clean and hazard free 🙂


iPad photography – why it’s good, even though it’s pixelated…

I was having a few drinks with a friend on the weekend and the children were doing some funny stuff. The closest thing on hand to take photos was the iPad. So I snapped away. I know the photos are grainy (it IS only a 5 megapixel camera), but to be able to grab that moment in time is priceless.

It does not matter that the photo isn’t the best quality, it’s the fact that I can TAKE the photo in the first place. Not only this, but a succession of rapid-fire photos. I love the way that the iPad just keeps taking photos one after the other if you keep pressing the ‘shutter’ button… great feature!!

Have you seen the Photobucket app?

I have to say, I only downloaded it yesterday as I was having issues with my iPad (yes… I said it… ‘ISSUES WITH MY IPAD’). More pointedly, I was having issues with WordPress uploading photos that I’ve taken on my iPad. It would only allow me to ‘Browse my computer’ for images to upload. Silly, I know…

So at the top of the screen I saw the ‘Load from URL’ tab (it’s not called this exactly, but you get what I mean), and I thought ‘hmm – maybe I should see if Photobucket have an iPad app?’, and low and behold! they do!

It’s pretty damn awesome. You can create albums, edit your photos (crop, red-eye), email images, display them as a slideshow… I could go on…

Not only does it do all of this wonderful stuff, it will also provide you with access to your images via the Photobucket website.

I know it’s been around for aaaages… you know, a full year, but it’s awesome…

Photobucket for iPad –

Twitter – It’s not for me…

After a lot of hunting around the best # tags I found for my topic are #iPad, #iPod, #apple, #app, #Facebook. These are synonymous with what my blog and generally what my twitter account is all about. There are thousands upon tens of thousands of tweets using these # tags. They are very popular subjects amongst tech-heads, apple employees, and newbies to the apple game.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some people LOVE Twitter and what it’s all about… but not me. It could be that I just don’t get it (or don’t want to get it) that makes me dislike it a little bit (just a little bit). Generally, I love technology. But this… I don’t know… I understand the concept of micro-blogging, but this just doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t really know why this is so. I think I feel, in a way, that there is too much information to try to decipher within twitter which makes it appear extremely overwhelming? I like to know how technology works and why people use it, but Twitter just doesn’t really do it for me. This could actually be the crux of WHY I don’t like it. Not only do I not understand the social networking site itself, but I don’t understand why people like it so much?

Tweets and re-tweets that I composed

How to make your web presence design portray what you want

Original Design

After adding quite a bit of information to my blog, the original theme just didn’t work anymore. It wasn’t really portraying the image that I wanted convey. So I basically changed everything except the blog name and existing text within the blog posts themselves.

I still wanted to use a black and white theme, but I needed to introduce some more elements to it (as well as a bit of colour that wasn’t just orange). This makes the blog look more attractive which in turn, will attract people to it. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

Interactivity is a large factor in what I wanted to achieve. By adding pop up elements in the header bar (RSS, Twitter and Facebook icons), I feel that this had been achieved. The rollover elements below my profile image also make it feel a bit more ‘with it’ considering my blog is meant to be about technology, the look should reflect this.

I also changed my theme as the new theme allows a mobile version made specifically for iPads (yayyy!). It’s quite slick with a ‘Swipe Me’ line on the right hand side. Once you’ve done this you will see all posts in a jumbled up fashion on the one page. Once you click on one, you’re taken to the full blog post. Of course, you have the option of viewing the Standard Site (located at the bottom of the page).

The original design was definitely a very static page. I now feel that it is The new awesome-ness...

definitely more dynamic with the colours, form and interactivity that I’ve added. It’s a bit more Web 2.0 than Web 1.0.

Another University heads down the road of the iPad

Freed-Hardeman University is now going down the same path that a few other Universities have already started down by providing iPads to staff and students. I’ve read a couple of other articles about Universities providing similar programs, but it has generally been seen as a research project, not a student/staff orientated learning experience.

One of the differences I can see in the iKnow 2.0 program at FHE is the incentive for students to use textbooks via the iPad as well. The fact that Mark Scott at FHE stated, “We are not the most popular people with the bookstore staff right now”, shows that this program isn’t about money or research capability, but about learning.

It would be interesting to know how much of the students textbook requirements are going to be met by the University Library? Are they going to purchase multiple copies of the digitized texts for more than one student to access at any one time? If not, that could be a pitfall of the system.

The provision of conduit systems that will also ease hesitant staff into the iKnow 2.0 program will change the way that staff interact with their students in the classroom and the way that they ALL teach and learn.

Would be great to see what the outcome is after a couple of years.


Stephens, M. (2011). Freed-Hardeman University to Introduce Apple ipads, Inkling Digital Textbooks and Faculty Training as Part of Innovative iKnow 2.0. Tame the Web. Retrieved 30th October 2011 from

the universal ipad – Why?

I went to a conference in February armed with a laptop, only to find that the majority of people there had an iPad or iPad 2. I was astounded. It made me think, why do all these people want an iPad? Is it a fad? Are they playing games and checking their email instead of listening to the speakers? What IS the pull?

After a couple of days, I started to understand more. There I was trying to find a power supply, booting up the laptop, logging in, etc; whilst the “ipadders” flipped open the cover and away they went.

I HAD to have one…

So, approximately six weeks later mine arrived. I’ve never looked back.

There is always something new to download that is interesting; be it an ebook, app, music, video or podcast. It supports me in just about every facet of my life. I have recipe books, fictional books, games for my children, TV series that I like, email, internet, my favourite tunes, educational material, all rolled into one neat little 24cm x 18cm package.

I find something new every day and I learn something new every day; either by myself, or in discussions with other people. Hence the Universal iPad.

To what degree do you see yourself playing different ‘roles’ on the Internet?

Employee, Administrator, Student, Social Convener, Friend, Family member, Mother. These are all the roles that I play on the Internet. Some of these overlap and some of them don’t. I feel that this is based around rules that we make for ourselves and must self govern. I myself will allow co-workers to add me as a Facebook friend, but they are restricted to only see certain areas of my Facebook profile. To me, this is acceptable, but to someone else it might not be. Everyone has to decide this for themselves.

This is really the only blurred line I have. My twitter account is a variation of my maiden name; so only those people that I have given my twitter name too, know that the account is mine. I have a variety of blogs; some of which have been created for professional purposes and some for personal. Again, none of these overlap in regards to content or profile information. There is nothing within them that could provide insight as to who I am in these two different worlds.

My professional name in real life has also been different up until this year. I finally (after nine years of marriage) decided to change my surname to my married name at work. Yet, outside of my professional life, I have used my married name since the date of my wedding.

We will see how this will affect my professional/personal divide over time. I’m sure it will; but what I’m not sure of, is whether or not it will happen willingly.